Plant Breeding Ag Mag

Discovery how plant breeding works with a colorful Ag Mag from the American Farm Bureau Foundation for Agriculture.

Topics include: definition of seed technology, how DNA works within the cell, what kinds of seeds are found around the world & how plant breeding has evolved.

Recommended for Grades 5-8

Please give us plenty of notice to order these ag mags to allow time for shipping.

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Farm Fresh Podcast: GMOs: What sort of modification are we talking about?

Genetically modified organisms or GMOs are plants, animals or other organisms developed using genetic engineering.

Take a deeper dive into what that means and how scientists make those modifications with University of Illinois researcher and plant breeder, Dr. Brian Diers, in this week’s Farm Fresh Podcast.

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Farm Fresh Podcast: A Closer Look at Labeling

To mandate labeling or not to mandate labeling? that is the current question about foods made with ingredients containing ‘GMOs’ or Genetically Modified Organisms.

Take a deeper look at the issue with┬áTamara Nelsen, Senior Director of Commodities for Illinois Farm Bureau in this week’s Farm Fresh Podcast.

For more about GMOs check out our Pinterest Board.

Listen to the Farm to Table segment every Wednesday at 12:45 p.m. on WJBC Radio.